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All Regular Club and Board meetings will be at Little America, 2800 W. Lincolnway at 6:30 AM.

(Click for Floor Plan of Little America - meetings in Sinclair or Casper Room)

        8 – Regular Meeting, Program will be Kate Wright, Ex.Dir., Habitat for

      13 – Jubilee Day Parade, Laramie – Train Event
      20 – Frontier Days Parade, 8:30AM – Train Event
              10AM – Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp Board Meeting @ AHSLC
      21 – 10AM – Lions of Wyoming Foundation Board Meeting @ AHSLC
      22 – Regular Meeting, Program will be Vince Bodiford, publisher of the

              new newspaper, the Cheyenne Post 
      23, 25, 27 – Frontier Days Parades – Train Events
      29 – 5th Monday trip to New Belgium Brewery in Ft. Collins
        2-4 – Ride for Sight weekend (details to come)
        4 – Ride for Sight
        6 – Board Meeting
      12 – Regular Meeting
      17 – District Governor’s Cabinet Meeting, 10AM at Allen H. Stewart

              Lions Camp
      20 – AHSLC Board Meeting at Lions Camp, 10AM
      21 – LoWF Board Meeting at Lions Camp, 10 AM
      26 – Regular Meeting
Upcoming events:
September 6-8 Wyoming Lions Leadership Institute – Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp click here for more (
September 19-2 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum – Spokane, WA click here for more info (

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Villains for Vision

Sunrise Lions Service Projects and Fund Raisers

Early Childhood Vision Screening-- A joint project with the Lions of SE Wyoming (Cheyenne Frontier and Noon Lions, Laramie and Laramie Plains Lions and the Pine Bluffs Lions. Preschool children are screened using a special device called a PediaVision Screener. This device screens for a variety of potential early childhood vision problems such as amblyopia. The Screener is connected to a computer that prints a report indicating "Pass" or "Refer." The report includes variety of technical measurements that are meaningful to eye care professionals who see the children who are referred. This important project helps identify problems that may be corrected in early childhood and that, if undetected until later, are incurable. The new equipment saves time getting the referral in the hands of the parent and the time of the eye care professional it takes to review the report and examine the child.

Miniature Train - The Cheyenne Sunrise Lions run our miniature street train and provide free rides to children in a variety of events. Each year over 1400 children and parents received a free ride on the train at Super Day in Lions Park (4th Saturday in June). The train also runs in all four Frontier Days Parades (Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). It also makes occasional appearances in the State Fair Parade in August in Douglas and in the Jubilee Days parade in Laramie in early July. It has also become a tradition to appear in Cheyenne Depot Days in June.

Ride for Sight -- The annual Ride for Sight (begun in 1992) is our major fund raiser for the year. This is also a community service, providing a fun family event that encourages physical fitness. August 4, 2019 is the date for our 100 mile supported bike ride. Our major co-sponsor is The Cheyenne Eye Clinic. We provide five rest stops for a fifty mile (riders go out and back for 100 miles) route through the prairie of southeast Wyoming. As many as 200 riders from all over the state and the region participate in this event. Funds from riders and other sponsors provide support for a variety of programs:    

   Early Childhood Vision Screening  

   Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

   Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation

   Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp and Summer School for Vision Impaired Youth

   Lions Clubs International Foundation

   Leader Dogs for the Blind

   Lions of Wyoming Foundation

Cheyenne Sunrise Lions Club


Board: First Tuesday of each month at 6:30 AM

Regular: 2nd and 4th Mondays 6:30 at AM

Location: Little America Hotel & Resort, 2800 W. Lincolnway, Cheyenne, WY 82001

For more information, contact Lion Dave Orr 307-222-8460, email:

Cheyenne Sunrise Lions Train

We Serve

Club Officers                               2019-2020

President                                          Denise Miller

1st Vice President                            Jim Landen

2nd Vice President                           Vacant

Treasurer                                          Deane Skinner

Secretary                                          David Orr

Tail Twister                                       Darald Dykeman

Lion Tamer                                        Vacant

1 year Directors                               Jim Dolan


2 year Directors                               Gus Lopez

                                                           Bill Breeden

Membership Director                       Jim Reynolds

Lions of Wyoming - District 15